National and Local Service

Crop insurance cases are routinely fought and decided in mandatory claims arbitration and agency administrative review outside of the state and federal court systems.  Although lawyers must have separate local licenses for each state or federal court where we appear, there is no such requirement in arbitration and administrative review proceedings. For this reason, farmers facing denied crop claims are generally free to choose a lawyer based on skill, experience and ability, not just local admission.  We have more than twenty-five years of experience in these cases,  and appreciate the opportunity to advise you.

We are also pleased to provide representation in traditional civil and criminal cases on behalf of producers and agribusiness clients in the state and federal courts.  These may include suits against insurance agents for errors and negligence in obtaining your coverage; suits against landlords, tenants, trespassers, adjoining landowners and people and businesses who have breached their contractual duties to you; civil and criminal fraud cases; and judicial appeals of adverse agency decisions.  We are licensed in the courts in Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee.  In other states, we can associate with a local attorney and work in cooperation to represent your interests.

2011 rice crop – heat damage may lower yields

The USDA harvest forecast for rice in crop year 2011 may be facing a downward revision.  The Texas crop is particularly hard-hit in the wake of fires and drought.

Congratulations to our new associate

Congratulations to new associate Jereme G. Lytle on his admittance to the Missouri Bar.

Texas fires and drought – 2011 cotton crop

In the wake of drought on the west end of the Cotton Belt and fires in Texas, farmers are abandoning their crops in record numbers.  At the same time and for the same reason, prices are climbing.  If your claim for indemnity on your RMA-reinsured crop insurance has been denied, delayed, or waylaid, call us for a consultation.