Syngenta GMO corn litigation

We have the privilege of representing dozens of farmers, holding in excess of one million acres, in cooperation with our co-counsel, Onder, Shelton, O’Leary, & Peterson, LLC. Corn producers across the United States suffered the consequences when Syngenta’s Agrisure Viptera and Agrisure Duracade GMO corn was mixed into the US corn supply, rendering it unmarketable in China. With a key consumer out of the picture and a glut on the market, corn prices fell. Farmers suffered the consequences for Syngenta’s negligence.

As you may have heard, the plaintiff-farmers prevailed June 23, 2017, in the first lawsuit against Syngenta related to the genetically modified corn – a whopping $217,700,000 verdict. While this is not the final nail in Syngenta’s coffin, it is a necessary first nail in the coffin. At present, we are in a holding pattern awaiting the next trial in state court in Minnesota, which is set for July 10, 2017. Syngenta has vowed to appeal the jury verdict in Kansas.

Now we are pleased to announce that the case brought on behalf of our client farmers is on file in the federal District Court for the Southern District of Illinois. Click here to download a copy for your review. Please note that you will need either a PDF-capable browser or a free pdf viewer like Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view this file.

If you would like to view the original Illinois state court filings, both the November 16, 2015, and November 17, 2015, groups’ Complaints at Law are also available for download.