Agent And Company Error

Agent And Company Error

Anyone who has received a denial letter from a crop insurance company, or AIP, has read the obligatory language that the policy is “reinsured by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) under the provisions of the Federal Crop Insurance Act (Act) (7 U.S. C. 1501 et seq.)”, that “all provisions of the policy and the rights and responsibilities of the parties are specifically subject to the Act” and that “everyone who participates in the federal program – whether an insurance company that issues and services a policy, an insurance agent who sells a policy, or a farmer who is covered by a policy – is obligated to abide by and adhere to the FCIA and the rules, regulation, practices and procedures of the FCIC/RMA.”. But how can it be that a private, for-profit insurance company that issued a policy that you and your lender relied upon in putting seed in the ground and money in the crop can seemingly change the rule after you have a crop failure and make a claim? The insurance company’s answer is, “This is a federal program.” Our answer is different. Over the last 23 years, we have helped develop a body of case law that protects farmers and holds crop insurance companies and agents financially responsible for their errors and omissions. Rather than be allowed to sell one insurance product and adjust another, Wendell has helped farmers recover the indemnity that they are entitled to even when the eleventh hour change in coverage or terms is seemingly sanctioned by the FCIC and RMA. In most cases, these cases require the farmer to navigate the. procedures ordinarily related to crop insurance claims under the policy, as well as traditional state court procedure and substantive law. If your crop insurance claim has been denied because your policy or its coverage was changed after you relied upon it in planting your crop, you may be entitled to recover your losses even after the policy is voided or revised. Contact us for a free initial consultation with attorney Wendell Hoskins II.

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